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STAYING SAFE DURING COVID-19: We will do our part in keeping the food service safe. Under the current circumstances buffets can no longer be part of standard food service. We will also be taking the following precautionary steps:

  • Placement of hand sanitizer at food stations/displays.

  • Each piece of equipment cleaned and sanitized prior to your event.

  • Increase frequency of cleansing and sanitizing food preparation surfaces.

  • Increase frequency of cleansing and sanitizing surfaces with high incidence of “hand traffic.”

  • Increased frequency of glove change for food handling.

  • Frequent hand washing with proper technique.

  • Increase availability of hand sanitizer to employees.

  • Increased education and monitoring of employees regarding making contact with their mouth, nose and eyes without washing hands first and immediately after.

  • Employees with elevated body temperature, cough or other signs of illness are required to stay at home.

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